Crying out, I’m fighting
Shocked by pain, you hit me
Words escaping, I’m bleeding
Soul wrenching, receding

You love me, you hurt me
Why do this? You break me
Please stop now, you rip me
Sleep swiftly, you drugged me

Try to help, you stab me
Cry for help, you stop me
Outdoors now, you slap me
Please end this, you trapped me

Tore heart out, you’re laughing
Why hurt me, you’re stabbing
Please no more, you end me
I’m leaving, we’re done now.



Told I am loved, but endlessly used.
Great is my power, yet I am abused.
Helpless and trapped, controlling my life.
He is the source of all of my strife.

In need of a hero, to end all my pain.
Six new ones approach, but they need to train.
One is like me, but totally free.
Another is thin and tall like a tree.

The third is quite stocky, the fourth is real cute.
The fifth is a man with a turret to shoot.
The last one is ripped and is clearly deranged.
Maybe at last my life will be changed.

Told I shall trick them, like the ones from before.
Hope they can save me, this life I deplore.
Lead them all to my side, so I that I can rest.
But he puts all their skills right to the test.

They succeed in the end, to his angry dismay.
I tell them to end it, this is my last day.
With tears streaming down, they grant me my peace.
And finally now, my torture will cease.


They gathered around him. He had one more event. Nobody believed Jack would make it this far. One more. Just one more, he kept saying to himself. The crowd cheered him on.

“Jack! Jack! Jack!”

He looked around, a smile on his face. He began to run.

The crowd roared with excitement, giving Jack their energy. He ran harder and faster than he had ever before.

At the pinnacle of his acceleration, Jack leaped forwards.

The crowd was silent as he passed through the air.

Jack planted both feet on the ground in triumph. The crowd erupted.

Jack was nimble, as he was quick, when he jumped over that candlestick.

Moored in Silence

On this day, seventy five years ago, the men and women of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, were attacked by the air force of the Empire of Japan.
Kamikaze pilots slammed into the naval ships and tore through the ranks of the US Navy. A surprise attack, at five minutes to eight in the morning, a horrific cacophony erupted.  For an impossibly long one hundred ten minutes, two-thousand three-hundred thirty-five people needlessly lost their lives, in what we’d come to call the American entrance to World War II.
As the ships sank into the depths, and the fires raged on, the attack was finished at a quarter to ten in the morning. The attack devastated the country, and thus thrust us headlong into a war with Japan.
Take a moment of silence, in memory of those who died on this fateful day. Let not their memories be moored in silence.

The Buried

Hunkered down in my pain, the walls are closing in
Struggling now to breathe, the air is much too thin
A choking gasp, I reach through gloom
Panic crushed me; embrace thy doom

Fighting back the sadness, through the lack of cheer
The stinging pain from stopping up the tears
I keep myself buried to hold you high
I’ll brave the dark, so you won’t die

I’ll take the sorrow and the pain
Just so that way you’ll stay sane
The troubles I face keep building stacks
But still I hold to these attacks

I stay strong for you, that’s what I crave
Keeping this vigil to my grave
Your heart and soul free from this plight
So long as you’re up in the light


Henry ran outside to see what the neighborhood was screaming about. He kept to himself most days, ordering from internet catalogs and really only leaving the house if he had to. This time, however, Henry’s curiosity couldn’t be sated, so he had to go look.
“What is it?” a voice from the crowd asked.
“Is it dangerous?” another inquired. Henry pushed through the crowd to see.
In the middle of the road, in a crater, there appeared to be a flying saucer. Henry couldn’t believe his eyes. He couldn’t help but be amazed. After what felt like hours of staring, the cockpit for the craft opened, releasing a gaseous fume that looked like blue steam. Suddenly, amidst the excitement, bolts of energy shot our, striking the onlookers, having them explode in showers of meat and blood. Henry screamed and tried to run, but his legs wouldn’t work. Petrified with fear, he was forced to look on the chaos with teary eyes. Once more he opened his mouth to scream, but nothing emerged. He stood there, in silence.
A towering figure emerged from the wreckage. A faceless maw of rotating teeth seemed to look directly at Henry. The being shot out an arm to grab him.
“YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS!” The being cried out, in a high pitched, menacing voice.
“YOUR ESSENCE IS MINE!” and with that, lowered Henry into its mouth.
Henry sat up in bed. He was sweating, profusely. He couldn’t fathom why he would have such a nightmare. Henry looked at the clock and saw it was just about time to get up anyway.
He made himself some breakfast, read the latest headlines online, and got up to brush his teeth. Henry then noticed a commotion outside. his neighbors were crowded around shouting about something. He tried to see what it was from the window, but couldn’t quite catch a glimpse of it. He usually didn’t get interested by the goings on, in the neighborhood, but this felt different. Familiar, even. Henry decided to put on his shoes to go look.
Henry ran outside to see what the neighborhood was screaming about.

Trump Card

In lieu of the American Election results, I feel I should come forward and apologize.
No, I didn’t vote for him. But I feel like I have, because I didn’t do enough to stop him.
We, as a whole, failed the world by electing a human being that absolutely scares the ever living crap out of those with the ability to think. How could we be so blinded. How many of us said “There’s no way he can win. He’s outrageous!” He is a despicable human being.
Now he’s the leader of the most powerful country. We gave him our country on a silver platter.
I am so sorry. We shat the bed, now we must lie in it. Sorry you all have the smell.
When did we become so ignorant? Is this what we deserve? This election has been the most stressful that I have ever seen. I joked about it being like choosing Poisoned Food (Clinton) and A Gaping Head Wound (Trump). The worst part is that it may be over quickly. This is a man who talks nonchalantly about sexual assault as easily as he speaks about using nuclear ordinance in the Middle East. Whose ties with Vladimir Putin are no longer just a joke. This is an individual who will set the progress of the United States back 50 years. There’s going to be blood. It’s scary.
The best case scenario would be if he’s the most boring president. If he sits there and does nothing of any note. He said that he wants to be The People’s President. Yeah. You’re the amalgamation of fear and hatred. You’re the single patron saint of bigotry.
This sets a dangerous precedent for America. I used to be proud to be American  I’m ashamed of my countrymen. How could we let this happen?
I realize I am not the most politically savvy. I know I have the debating prowess of a rock. Maybe it won’t be as bad as it all seems.
Maybe this is how Democracy ends; With thunderous applause.