The Hurricane

The storms roll back, the tides come in
Our world destroyed by senseless wind
The clean-up crew rebuilds our lives
And buzzing madly like angry hives

The ground saturated ‘neath our feet
Though the sun’s a welcome treat
We work until the day is done
All in view of the setting sun

Trusting others help us through
But more pain is coming too
More storms with havoc in their wake
Not sure how much we can take

Never have we wanted more
Rest instead of what’s in store
Nature’s fury comes in slow
With wind and rain and more in tow

So now we’ll focus on the today
Hoping the storm goes away
Cherishing those we love the most
While enduring the windy coast


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Tossed to the side like common trash
Not one to mess up the treasures and stash
A muddled heap of discarded flesh
Tears and sobs complete the mesh

As nightfall resumes the thoughts become dark
Negative voices and tones that still bark
A fiery pain that lives in the soul
The brain’s constant war taking its toll

The light above whispers; it’s trying to help
No pain from above to crush the young whelp
Alone in the mire, the swirling abyss
When all from within the voices all hiss

Why are you trying, when you will just fail?
The truth is as hard as the black coffin nail
But still the war rages and fights with him still
The tossed away trash was everyone’s will


Perched on my rooftop, I zero my scope
My target is nearly in view
And when his face is in my sights
It was someone I always knew

The colonel was my target now?
The one who trains me still?
This has to be another test
If he’s the one I kill

He taught me how to play Poker
He always beat me quick
“And now it’s time to draw a card”
He’d say without a trick

And now I’m charged to bring him down
Or let him go in peace
He’d never know if I was here
The threat of me could cease

I chambered one of my best rounds
A choice that feels so hard
I close my eyes and say aloud
“It’s time to draw a card.”

The Pit

No reason for these thoughts
It isn’t fair to you
The reason for my dreaming
The pain in which I stew

The pit inside my stomach
True pain inside my soul
My feelings drawing closer
The illness takes its toll

Why do I think about this
The torture to behold
Why can’t I let it go now
Increasing pain ten-fold

I want to cry so badly
But the tears will not form
I want to scream in anguish
The anger, too, feels warm

The sickness ever spreading
I can’t withdraw my heart
My soul is truly broken
Perhaps it’s from the start

Night Terror

You were on your way home. It was a nice night. Chilly, but not cold. You walked past the same alley you pass every night. This time, however, you miss the fiery red eyes watching you. Another block and the eyes appear in the trees, watching, waiting.
You get home. Unlocking the door, you step inside. Before you flip on the lights, you could swear that you see a pair of glowing red eyes staring back at you from the darkness. With the crackle of electricity, the darkness was dispelled. The eyes were nowhere to be seen.
You rub your eyes. It must be because you’re tired.
Hours later, you climb into bed, weary from the day. As you close your eyes, darkness washes over you. You don’t feel it. You are not aware of it.
When you awake, fire surrounds you. You panic, as you see ever burning pools of liquid fire. You put your head under your covers, praying you wake up. The eyes, you thought you imagined stare into your own fearful eyes.
You try to scream, but no sound emerges.
The only sound you hear is faint. A whisper, but it grows louder as you pay attention.
Murky, sinister, and evil.

Frustrations with Microsoft

Hi, thanks for visiting Xbox Support! I’m Ellaine.




Hello there, how are you doing today aside from your concern?


I’m alright I suppose


I see.. good to know that, by the way, Just to make sure I’m getting the right concern here, you have a concern with regards to a disc game is that correct?


A multi disc game, Mass Effect 3, specifically
I wanted to play through the trilogy, in prep for the new one in March
They’re backwards compatible. so playing them on my Xbox One is awesome.


I see.. thanks for confirming Could you please tell me more about your concern so that i can address you the proper resolution regarding this concern.?

When it tells me to Insert Disc 2, it hangs until I eject disc one. When I insert disc 2, my xbox One doesn’t recognize the disc
I can’t play the game at all
Everything I’ve seen online tells me that this issue was fixed a year and a half ago, but my console didn’t get that memo
So if I could get some sort of fix, that would be lovely

I see.. thanks for elaborating your concern here, don’t worry i will provide you all the information and details you need that will help us in isolating this issue, i will do my best to help you with this.
Just a heads up, I may ask a lot of questions with regards to this concern so that we can identify the issue and for us to be able to provide you the right resolution regarding this matter, would that be okay with you?

Thanks you! by the way, may i know if you able to play other disc on another console?

I don’t have another console, so I have no idea
I can play Disc 1, but that’s not the full game

What about the other disc you have? were you able to try them and see and if they can be readable?

It doesn’t recognize it as the game.

Just to clarify, other disc game cant be recognize as well?

Just disc one.

I see.. please don’t mind me asking, do you have another disc game aside form your Mass Effect 3 game?

Not any with multiple discs
Just to clarify, no other disc is playable as well is that correct?

No, just the second disc. I can play every other disc, except the second disc of this specific game. I’m not sure if I can make this any more clear.

Okay! If we could begin, what console are you having issues with?

My Xbox One, as I have stated previously.

I see… Does any other game encounter this issue?

It was at this point that I closed the chat with this Microsoft employee, as I was going to throttle her with my mind.