Moored in Silence

On this day, seventy five years ago, the men and women of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, were attacked by the air force of the Empire of Japan.
Kamikaze pilots slammed into the naval ships and tore through the ranks of the US Navy. A surprise attack, at five minutes to eight in the morning, a horrific cacophony erupted.  For an impossibly long one hundred ten minutes, two-thousand three-hundred thirty-five people needlessly lost their lives, in what we’d come to call the American entrance to World War II.
As the ships sank into the depths, and the fires raged on, the attack was finished at a quarter to ten in the morning. The attack devastated the country, and thus thrust us headlong into a war with Japan.
Take a moment of silence, in memory of those who died on this fateful day. Let not their memories be moored in silence.


Whaddya think?

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