A Poem

A nice Autumn day
Freshly home from a ride
I locked up the bike
And then wandered inside

Making some lunch
When something occurred
No more construction?
Least, not that I heard

I turned from the table
The plates made a clatter
I raced to the window
To see what’s the matter

“Oh you there! Young lad!”
I shouted to a boy
He didn’t quite hear me
Was absorbed in his toy

“I say, you urchin!
“Is that racket quite done?”
He finally looked over
Stripped away from his fun

“Indeed, why yes, milord!”
Said the happy young teen
When I had realized
It is twenty sixteen

“Why are we talking like this?”
I shouted right back
He looked at his feet
and said “Oh what the heck?”

And so this ridiculous
Poem shall cease
You’ve all lost The Game
So there’s that at least!

Ha ha ha ha


Whaddya think?

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