Shroud of Mania

The thoughts abundant inside of my head
There is no room to scream
Always spurning, ever working
Though I’ve run out of steam

Random sounds and colors play
A game around my mind
Shouting songs and evil cries
Silence is hard to find

Yell and shout and shriek and scream
Be cruel- Do not relent
Throw and break all you have
Release that what you’ve pent

The malice spewed out of my mouth
Intensifies its power
I cannot stop what has begun
My happy mindset cowers

I shriek my fury at great length
The madness fills the void
No longer am I happy
To which I am devoid

I crumple to the floor in tears
The anger simply fades
The sobs grow stronger as I recall
All the mistakes I’ve made


Whaddya think?

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