An Open Letter, to a Californian

You can get mad at me. Lash out at me, someone on the periphery. But at the end of the day, you’re still in pain, still going through withdrawals and fighting with someone younger than yourself. Someone that you don’t even know. Over something I have nothing to do with. 
Remember when I called you out for being immature? You’re not really helping yourself out by yelling at someone you don’t even know. It’s kind of sad, really.
You can yell at me, though. Get angry, pretend you’re smashing in my skull. Vent your rage on me. I can and will take it, because you know what?
You’re also on my periphery
I don’t know you either.
I just know that you’ll stay mad at me. I want that anger.
You need to go and seek professional help. Speak to a counselor, a therapist, a doctor, anyone. You are obviously under a lot of stress, and why wouldn’t you be? I’m not saying you need to move past this now. It’s going to take time, for both of you. I know that, because a year ago I was in the exact position you were in. I got angry too. I was mad at her, I was mad at myself and everyone around. In time, it healed. Just like it will for you.
I love that you attacked me personally, though. I never did that to you. I respect our mutual friend too much to attack your character. I don’t see the need for it. It wouldn’t help anything. If you want to attack me and my character, do it. It speaks volumes as to who you are as a human being far better than I ever could with a sharp tongue. Though, one could argue that I’m doing that now, attacking you I mean. I’m not trying to, just getting my thoughts down, in a forum that you cannot control. You can talk behind my back, seeding your friends with malcontent against me and I couldn’t care less. I wanted this reaction two weeks ago. I called it too. Man I knew you would get mad at me.
I’m actually very surprised you sent me a message and then unfriended me, like it never happened. This is 2016, however, and I took screenshots. It is sad that it had come to this, because two weeks ago, when you said that you and I had reached an understanding, which I thought we had, you then blew up on me tonight, unprovoked.
Like a child who wanted so badly to get a toy, before you left the store.
I’m very sorry that you’re in pain, sir. It sucks, and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through it. I thought we had set aside our differences like men, but now you threw a wooden block at my head like a child.
It’s very sad, I’m sure, for someone to see us squabbling in our own passive aggressive ways too. For someone to look in on this and shake their head.
Why can’t they just drop it? Why do they have to continue bickering like children?
I don’t know. After this letter is completed, I shall prevent further caustic influences.
I sincerely hope you seek professional help, sir. This isn’t healthy for her, your family and friends, and most of all, for you. This anger will consume you if you let it.
And lashing out at me isn’t going to help one iota.
I genuinely hope you have a great life and I wish you good fortune.
-Tom “Monty” Burns

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