The Horror

He’s trying to kill us. I don’t know how we came to be in this situation. All I know is that he won’t take either of us. I would die to save you. He will fail.
We’ve been running and hiding for hours. Why is he chasing us? What did we do?
No no, please don’t cry, my dear. It will be okay.
Of course I’m scared, but my anger for him and love for you are keeping me cold.
I will end this.
As I step out into the open, I wave my arms to try to get his attention. I will take him on to save my love. As he charged me, with unfeeling wrath, I could feel the darkness wash over me. I looked at my love and stretched out my arm. She grabbed my hand and smiled. As we drifted beyond.
“Mom! I mowed the lawn!” the boy screamed, as he turned off the lawnmower. He dashed back across the lawn, unaware of the carnage he had wrought.


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