Distant shouting mixed with screeches
Siphoned joy from human leeches
Solitude with sins I’ll atone
While I deal with this alone

Not one to mock thy grinning
Someone else is surely winning
In despair here with my thoughts
As my soul festers and rots

The dreams I have that bring me life
Awake instead they bring me strife
The things I want will never be
How can I make the others see?

Though with her, we’d have great fun
But before it starts, we’ve seen it done
A stab in heart, shackled my mind
Now no solace can I find

I’ll take her burdens, I’ll take the pain
No longer should she have the strain
I’ll lift her above the quagmire
A task from which I’ll never tire

The swirling clouds of black surround
And now my joy’s no longer found
I breathe the mist just like the air
But set her down I’d never dare

For those that shine like morning’s light
Should not be cast in forever night
Us broken ones shall bear the force
For you are happy, no remorse

So forever, I’ll fight for you
With something you never knew
A flame that rages in my heart
With a love that’s been there since the start


Whaddya think?

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