Top Five Guardians (Smite)

I decided to make some top 5 lists of my current favorites in Smite, the third-person MOBA for PC, PS4, and Xbox 1. This second list goes to the Guardians, the tank-like HP monsters that take the hits so you don’t have to.

5) Ymir. Ymir is the Norse Father of the Frost Giants. Ymir looks like a large bearded man made of ice, wielding a large iron club. Ymir is a monster. He has the most HP (Hit/Health Points) in the entire game and is a crowd control beast. He has abilities that slow you, divert you and even freeze you solid. Very annoying indeed.
Ymir’s ultimate is a move called Shards of Ice. Ymir charges the air around him, causing to freeze for 3 seconds, then he erupts, sending ice flying and doing massive damage to anyone caught in the blast. By level 20, it will be doing 1100 + 150% of your Magic power in damage! That is incredible power.

4) Athena. Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. She looks like a fair haired woman with a large shield and a large spear. Athena is another crowd-controlling guardian with higher attack stats than Ymir but lower health stats. She has impressive reach and can startle opponents with her DPS (Damage Per Second). She is a solid character to play and very easy to learn.
Athena’s ultimate is called Defender of Olympus. She picks an allied god anywhere in the world and launches herself into the air, landing next to that god in 4.2 seconds. During those 4.2 seconds, the god she has chosen mitigates 20% of the damage they are taking. When Athena lands, all enemy gods take notice, in the form of damage.

3) Khepri. Khepri is the Egyptian Dawn Bringer. He looks like a giant scarab beetle. Khepri is the healer guardian. He can buff allies and debuff opponents. He can root opponents in pure light and he can use his size as a physical barrier between his allies and his opponents. Khepri is also quite quick for a flesh tank.
Khepri’s ultimate is Scarab’s Blessing. Khepri will bless an allied god with this move, cleansing all crowd control, granting them movement speed and 100% slow effect immunity, for five seconds. If the blessed should die in those five seconds, they are transported to Khepri and revived at a percentage of their max health. They do not take a death point, nor the enemy a kill point, when this happens. Khepri also can cast this on himself.

2) Bacchus. Bacchus is the Roman God of Wine. He looks like a very obese bearded man, in a toga, with a turkey drumstick and huge jug of fermented grape juice. Bacchus is a very quick crowd controlling guardian. Plenty of AoE (Area of Effect) moves that slow, stun or disorient his opponents.
His ultimate is Intoxicate. Bacchus slams his jug of wine on the ground, splashing it on everyone so they are immediately drunk, stumbling around for eight seconds, all the while taking damage. If Bacchus is Smashed, he also gains a magical power buff, angry over the loss of his wine.

1) Cabrakan. Cabrakan is the Mayan Destroyer of Mountains. He looks like a very buff reptilian man with a little head and big shields on his arms. Cabrakan is a damage dealing guardian who happens to have some crowd control and some high HP. He is the god you play when you don’t want to die but you don’t want to feel useless.
Cabrakan’s ultimate is called Tectonic Shift. After a stomp, Cabrakan raises mountains to wall in a fleeing foe. Of course, if the mountains fail to wall in an opponent, and instead hit the god, they take huge damage.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Top 5 Guardians list. The next list will be the Top 5 Hunters in Smite.

Whaddya think?

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