Top Five Assassins (Smite)

I decided to make some top 5 lists of my current favorites in Smite, the third-person MOBA for PC, PS4, and Xbox 1. First up are the Assassins, the single target powerhouses with only one speed: Kill the opponents quickly.

5) Kali. Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Destruction. She appears to be a four armed blue woman in a red bikini. She has one of the highest attack rates in the game. By end game, she is hitting so fast, it’s akin to being tossed into a wood chipper.
Kali’s ultimate ability is Destruction. She becomes wreathed in spinning blades and red light. During this time, she can not be killed, as it lasts for up to five seconds. It is perfect for escaping, but also for dealing damage to everyone.

4) Ne Zha. Ne Zha is the Chinese Third Lotus Prince. He appears as a feminine boy with a spear and roller blades. He is one of the, if not the, hardest hitting deities in the game. When the beta was out, I didn’t like him at all, but now I think he’s a powerful god to be feared.
Ne Zha’s ultimate is Wind Fire Wheels. He dashes forward, hitting an enemy god and knocking it into the sky. After a few timed attacks, each of which being a critical hit, he slams the god on the ground for even more damage. This ultimate has the potential of one-shotting an opponent.

3) Susano. Susano is the Japanese God of the Summer Storm (perfect for me, right?). He appears as a fit Japanese man, in a rice hat and an electrified daikatana. He is one of the harder assassins to get a hold of, since he doesn’t hit the hardest or the fastest, but his strengths lie in his mobility. He has two separate dash techniques that make him a very unpredictable opponent.
Susano’s ultimate is Typhoon. He whips up a cyclone of wind that pulls enemies to the center before he sends the storm across the battlefield in a horrifyingly large tornado. This is the ability to use when there are multiple gods in serious need of damage.

2) Loki. Loki is the Norse Trickster God. Loki looks like a fit man wearing studded leather armor and sporting ram’s horns on his head. Loki is in damn near every game of Smite you’ll play. He is the easiest assassin to learn how to play. His passive alone makes him dangerous, as he gets a 20% boost to damage if he’s behind you.
Loki’s ultimate is aptly named Assassinate. He teleports behind his target and sinks his daggers into their neck, dealing heavy damage and stunning them. It is lightning fast and is usually lethal. Seeing Loki on the battlefield gives new meaning to the phrase “watch your back.”.

1) Thanatos. Thanatos is the Greek Hand of Death. He looks like a four-winged grim reaper, clad in ornate plate mail, wielding a giant scythe. Thanatos is among the scarier opponents you can face. He has a ton of power and is pretty quick. If opponents are at a certain health point threshold, a skull appears on their bodies, allowing Thanatos to track them through walls and help them quit that oxygen habit.
Thanatos has an additional caveat that makes him difficult to play. Every one of his abilities cost him his own health, in addition to his mana. This health taken increases the damage inflicted. A successful ability means he gets his health back, with interest. A failed ability makes Thanatos easier to kill.
Thanatos’s ultimate is Hovering Death. Thanatos takes off into the air in search of an opponent with the aforementioned skull. If he manages to hit someone with that mark, they are instantly killed. Anyone else in the radius is stunned by the blow. It is possible to avoid being hit by this move, but it’s not easy.

Next list is Top 5 Guardians in Smite. Thanks for reading!


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