The sun glinted off of my glasses
As I took yet another walk
Just my own lonesome self
I’ve no one I can talk

And so I sing quite loudly
To the music in my ear
At least my voice is on key
For anybody near

The sounds of traffic bustling
And children shouting glee
While I sing by myself
To improve the heart of me

My tachycardia’s in control
My moods are level too
Although my disease is there
My sanity holds true

I miss the interactions
Of one I held quite close
But now that void is filled by friends
So why am I morose?

Because of wistful thinking
My insecurities
So I project my happiness
In hopes that it should cease

But, ah, the sun is shining
The love is in my heart
And you, dear reader, share in this
For you are a great part

I’m thankful to my family
And to all my loving friends
Folks who are truly the best
May our ties never end


Whaddya think?

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