Quantum Break Review

Okay, Quantum Break. The game I wanted to get the Xbox One for. There is no TL;DR for this. I wrote a lot.
The game is in my personal Top Five best stories in a video game. That’s a list with Bastion and Undertale.
Quantum Break is a third person shooter, with puzzle elements, not unlike Half Life.
“Oh, I need to get up there? How do I manipulate my environment to get there?’
You also get access to powers that allow you to manipulate time. They’re cool, super helpful and are a refreshing way to make combat fun. It’s not Call of Duty, where you simply out-shoot your opponents. Time is broken, in Quantum Break. Sometimes, your gun just… Doesn’t work.
You play as Jack Joyce, a well groomed guy, played by Shawn Ashmore. You know him as the kid who played Iceman in the X-Men movies. Your brother is a quantum physicist, by the name of Dr. William Joyce, played by Dominic Monaghan, who played Meriadoc Brandybuck, in the Lord of The Rings trilogy.
The other main character is Paul Serene, played by Aidan Gillen. Now, I know Aiden from The Dark Knight Rises. He was the black haired CIA op who interrogates Bane in the very beginning of the movie. Most of you will recognize him from Game of Thrones, where he plays Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. I don’t watch GoT, so I don’t know who he is outside of the name. Other actors include Lance Reddick (Commander Zavala, The black guy in Fringe), Marshall Allman (Prison Break), Patrick Heusinger (Gossip Girl, Royal Pains), and Jacqueline Pinol (Burn Notice, Criminal Minds).
The game is interesting in that you have choice. Now, many games have choice, but the way this game presents that choice is, frankly, awesome.
Your choices shape the live-action TV episodes that are on the disc. That’s right. They acted out the many choices that you, in game, choose. And then you watch the consequences, as played by the villains in the game. Each mini-episode is about twenty-two minutes long.
I don’t watch many TV shows, nowadays, but if Quantum Break had a series, I’d watch it. I’d want one of you to watch it too, so that I’d have someone to fanboy with.
I was immediately hooked. So what, if I had class in the morning? I needed to keep playing so I could see what happened next.
The other really cool thing is that you can see what the community picked, after you choose. My first choice, I saw that Major Nelson, my only friend at the time who had the game, and 67% of the community had picked that choice. I had one later in the game, however, that only 7% picked. Partially because the game had just come out, and I have no self control to stop playing.
There are tons and tons of things to collect. There are Choron particles that are the upgrade currency, there are Time Ripples, that add “deleted scenes” to the Live Action sequences, there are laptops and posters and other bits of info that tie into the world around you, leaving you feel like you’re a part of this calamity.You get drawn into the characters, both good and bad.
There was a fight that reminded me of the 100 Trials room in the Legend of Zelda. In LoZ, there was a room where you had to fight two Armos Knights in a space the size of your bedroom. It was very hard.
Remedy Entertainment must have played that game. And they made it their own.
It was deeply satisfying to see the game to the end. I cannot wait to go back through it, to see the other choices, and what impact they’ll have on the story. I hugely enjoyed the game. I don’t know what else they could have added to make the game more enjoyable for me.
In closing, Quantum Break is one of those exclusives to the Xbox One (And Windows) that everyone should have in their libraries. It is awesome. Both visually and in its scope. It is the best game I have played on my Xbox One. Period. I hope that those of you who are thinking about getting it, do and that they enjoy the crap out of it.

Whaddya think?

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