The sickness is at bay
My thoughts are my own
Not twisted in any way
No sins I must atone

Relief is shared with regret
As I remember sweetly
But you’d say “I don’t let”
And sweep it away neatly

So with poems I release
The wistful pain within
To make my thoughts cease
Much to my chagrin

In time you’ll come to hate me
As all the others do
I could not resent thee,
For you were my one true…

You wouldn’t think this healthy
but you wouldn’t cheer
In games I can be stealthy
But here I’m all too clear

I will always talk
To you when you’re not there
Whether I take a walk
Or merely washing my hair

You’ll probably never care though
That ship has sadly sailed
I care bout you more than you know
That’s why I think I’ve failed

Time heals all wounds, they say
And I guess time will tell
Though I’m not over you this day
I’ll overcome this hell


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