Told I am loved, but endlessly used.
Great is my power, yet I am abused.
Helpless and trapped, controlling my life.
He is the source of all of my strife.

In need of a hero, to end all my pain.
Six new ones approach, but they need to train.
One is like me, but totally free.
Another is thin and tall like a tree.

The third is quite stocky, the fourth is real cute.
The fifth is a man with a turret to shoot.
The last one is ripped and is clearly deranged.
Maybe at last my life will be changed.

Told I shall trick them, like the ones from before.
Hope they can save me, this life I deplore.
Lead them all to my side, so I that I can rest.
But he puts all their skills right to the test.

They succeed in the end, to his angry dismay.
I tell them to end it, this is my last day.
With tears streaming down, they grant me my peace.
And finally now, my torture will cease.


Whaddya think?

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