A quick update to my moods

Hey all, I’m alright for now. I’m calm. The depression, the sorrow, the anger, the fear and disgust, you know, the cast from Inside Out? They’ll be back to run things, probably late late this evening, once everyone else has gone to sleep. They’ll definitely be back tomorrow, to ruin my day. But such is life. Without going into specifics, I’m working through some of the most difficult times I’ve had to face in my life. So, you can probably look forward to more angsty poems and cryptic messages of anger/sadness. I am getting through it though. No self destruction, not thoughts of suicide, none of that nonsense. I’m past that stage. I’m an adult living with a mental illness, but I am not going to succumb to that illness. It will, from time to time, make some foolish actions on my behalf (See also screaming, lashing out, scathing remarks meant to stay inside my head, etc) but I’ll make it through this without letting it keep control.
To all the parties involved, whether you’re a support group, an onlooker, or someone who wants what’s best for me; I appreciate you all. I may not always show it in the best way, but I do appreciate it. Even when I feel so low that light can’t touch me. Thank you.


Whaddya think?

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