Flames of Madness

Can’t believe I’m doing this
Through snotty fearful tears
You’re the only one I’ve talked to
These past amazing years

And now I’m forced to change that
As I wake up all alone
Even though you’re still out there
I can’t see where you’re shown

It is so hard to breathe now
Like every breath is fire
My illness is in full swing
As I wade through this quagmire

I know you’re trying to help me
But all I feel is pain
In hysterics, but you’re not
Because you’re not insane

I know you hurt at the same time
I know this isn’t fair
I keep trying to wake us both
From this living nightmare

Although our situation’s different
I’ll always hold this true
For you I’m here for all time
I won’t abandon you

Whaddya think?

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