One Day

Early this morning
I awoke to the sound
of thunder and lightning
With no one around

It cracked the sky open
And started to rain
It pounded my windows
My sleep- couldn’t feign

I raced to the porch then
And started to stare
When I was a child
This surely would scare

Such storm anxiety
Had tempered my mind
Fascinated now
By every storm I could find

Hail was now falling
With impeccable speed
The wind now was howling
What more could I need?

Suddenly cars flew
And trees met their match
As a vortex knocked aside
Everything it could catch

The excitement had left me
Replaced now by fear
I had to go warn
Everyone I held dear

Emily in the kitchen
My dog in the hall
The neighbors were running
When the houses all fall

“A twister is coming”
I shouted a plea
Auntie Em came a running
To come protect me

My dog in my arms
With a knock to my head
I flew on to Oz
With new colors instead

I woke among dwarves
And a long golden walk
Then they all started singing
Things started to talk

A man made of metal
A man made of straw
A cowardly lion
Who made me say “Awwwww!”

We wandered towards the castle
Of glorious green
Assaulted by monkeys
Winged, fierce, and mean

We met with a witch
Who hated for some reason
My shiny red shoes
Though quite out of season

Her words were like bee stings
Like my skin was welting
When I spilled my water
She cried out “I’m melting!”

We escaped to the castle
With some big old buffoon
Trying to be scary
But he was just a dumb goon

Hid behind the curtain
Was a very nice man
“I want to go home”
And he had a plan

I had to click my shoes
And repeat the words
“Klaatu Verada…”
That stuff’s for the birds

With a wave of goodbye
I awoke in my bed
With everyone ’round me
Thinking I was dead

Birds outside chirping
While I rest with my dog
I closed up my eyes
And I slept like a log

Whaddya think?

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