Poetic Torment

Lost in a mansion
Where nothing is clear
Cannot find an exit
At least nowhere near

My mind is so cloudy
My soul’s filled with smoke
My heart’s feeling empty
My mood is no joke

Falling and flailing
I grasp at thin air
Grab hold of some reason
When it begins to tear

I fall further still
No end in sight
This must be a nightmare
My eyes squeezed too tight

Silently floating
Plummeting quickly
Tears leave my eyes
My stomach feels sickly

Utter turmoil
A whisper of pain
Thunderous uproar
From the utterly sane

I feel all alone now
Yet surrounded by you
I look all around me
You’re all that’s in view

Space what you’re needing
Yet comfort I crave
I’ll feel like this always
Even in my grave

Sadness my partner
Agony my friend
Yet love makes me stronger
To the very end

I won’t let this beat me
I must take a stand
Although I am falling
I just have to land.

But now I am weeping
The numbness too great
Depression is winning
Mania I hate

Sobbing quite plainly
Alone in my room
Everyone is sleeping
Alone in my doom

Self hatred is burning
Worthlessness abound
The darkness is gaining
Because you’re not around

A terrible burden
I’m sorry my dear
I know that I’ve caused this
My unquenchable fear

The illness is healing
But still it just fights
Keeping me drowning
Through slumberless nights

The harder I hide it
The more it reveals
I cry out in anger
As the wound weals

Despair is my heart now
While the back of my mind
Is screaming out answers
That I cannot find

My muse is now ending
I write out my fears
The sadness is blinding
Through salt-stinging tears


Whaddya think?

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