Top 10 Most Annoying Mobs in Video Games

This is my list of the 10 most annoying enemies in video games. Bosses need not apply.

10) Pain Elementals – Starting off my list is a throwback to Doom 2. Pain Elementals are floating brown monsters that don’t really do any damage to you directly, but they do spawn Lost Souls constantly. If left unattended,they can fill up a room with flaming, floating skulls. On higher difficulties, there’s never just one.

9) Silverfish – Minecraft has its share of baddies nobody wants to fight, but easily the most annoying is the Silverfish. Little grey bugs that burrow into stone. They attack with ferocity and then hide. Usually, it’s not just one block of these little bastards. Each block you break brings two of these nasty things. Evil little monsters.

8) Drones – Halo 2 brought us the next installment of what would turn out to be an epic tale. Unfortunately, it also introduced horseflies the size of dogs that could wield plasma weapons. Drones always swarm you and they are difficult to hit. While not hard to kill, damage wise, they were a source of a lot of frustration, for me, when I was younger. Whoever came up with this as an enemy, you need to get slapped.

7) Black Eagles – I wasn’t sure if I was going to put these in my list, but I’ve been playing a lot of Far Cry 4 lately. You have your random assortment of critters that want to kill you, but the most aggravating is the black eagle. If you’ve played Skyrim, you know the frustration of trying to bring down a dragon that won’t land? Eagles do this to a T. They randomly attack you with razor-sharp beak and talons, all the while, interrupting whatever it is you were doing. Far Cry needs S.A.M. launchers for eagles. <– No images exist from the game? Here’s a black eagle.

6) Zubat – You walk into a cave and suddenly the shrieking of a zillion bats, all alerted to your presence, turn to impede your progress. Zubat has been the thorn in Poke-player’s sides since 1996. Their encounter rates are around 85%, so if you have to spend any length of time in a cave, bring a Psychic/Ice/Electric/Rock type or a repel with you, to dispatch them quickly, or you’ll be wondering why this isn’t higher on the list.

5) Nemesis – One of my all time favorite series, Mass Effect has some of the best stories and gameplay around. Unfortunately, it also has the Cerberus Nemesis. The nemesis is a female sniper who moves around CONSTANTLY. Just stop moving, so I can kill you. Please? They are irritating in one other way too; they tend to focus your attention so that you’re consumed by the urge to kill them, that you don’t notice the Phantom sliding her katana into you.

4) Guardians – You have a thriving metropolis in Mar Sara, when suddenly a building explodes. People all around are coming apart at the seams for no apparent reason. But there is a substantial reason. Zerg Guardians are eradicating all your stuff! Starcraft is one of my favorites, but I don’t gave to like the flying siege monsters. They have awesome range and high attack, but are vulnerable from the air. But, if you have no standing air force, you may be in a lot of trouble.

3) Cabal Phalanx – I hate these things. Someone at Bungie thought Destiny needed Jackals on steroids. They’re 800 lb gorilla monsters with huge impenetrable shields. Add the Angry modifier, so that enemies don’t flinch, and they become super difficult to fight solo. They hit very hard and take a lot of damage. I don’t approve of these things. At all.

2) Cazadores – Spanish for Hunters, Cazadores are the mob introduced to the Mojave Wasteland, in Fall Out: New Vegas, in an apparent attempt to make you rethink your opinion, on the Deathclaws. I personally hate these more than anything else in the entire Fallout series. There’s never just one cazador either. There’s always a host of them, descending upon you like a venomous tidal wave. Oh yes, they’re venomous. So not only do you die from being swarmed, but if you do survive, you’ll die later from their nasty toxic venom. I truly despise the cazadores.

And finally, the one and only numero uno….

1) Cliff Racers – The Cliff Racer from Morrowind. What were the folks at Bethesda thinking? They make references to them in later games. all as if they were a plague on the land. Even the NPCs hated them. They looked like pteradactyls with the most annoying sounds and aggravating attack. They don’t hit very hard, but they do move quite fast and are hyper aggressive. The link below will give you an idea of their ferocity. They win most aggravating mob, hands down.


Whaddya think?

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