Minding my own business, when they attacked me. I dispatched the first two with a flurry of kicks. No hesitation, no lapse of thinking as I dropped into a fighting stance. I looked around my immediate area. I could see six more foes. Armed with an assortment of weapons, they had surrounded me.
The first charged me with a baton. I disarmed him and spun, my heel connecting with his jaw. I picked up the baton and turned to my next opponent, who had a knife. Several solid hits to his head and neck and he dropped to his knees. A solid front-snap kick laid him out on his back. Two down, four to go.
Without any real warning, one jumped on my back, putting me in a choke hold. His buddy came in, from the front, to hit me with an iron chain. A front kick, halted his advance, as I dropped to one knee, throwing the first guy over my shoulder. He went sailing into the chain wielding guy, and fell into a muddled heap.
Four down.
Suddenly, sharp pain went shooting through my body. As I recoiled, I saw a man held in a side kick. He had struck my back, while I hadn’t noticed. I fell back into my fighting stance. He charged me with zeal, as I sidestepped him and put an elbow where his teeth used to rest. With a gurgling groan, he passed out. Leaving just one.
I turned to face him. He stood a few feet from me. He bowed and fell into a slightly different stance. Tired of fighting, I threw the first strike. He blocked it and countered, which I too, had blocked. We traded blows for what seemed like hours. Neither relenting, but ever tiring. No matter what I did to change it up, he saw right through it and blocked it. For whatever it was worth, He couldn’t land a blow either.
Fighting with this foe was exhausting. He matched me blow for blow, counter for counter. No hesitation in his strikes.
I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I sat up in bed. I stretched and yawned. Still tired, I shut off my alarm and lied back down. The fight would have to continue.

This is what I was listening to, when this popped into my head.

Whaddya think?

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