The Scrolls Have Fore Told of Black Wings in the Cold

After eons of sleep, Alduin awoke. Confused at first, Alduin found himself on the Throat of the World. He couldn’t be sure what changed. The last he remembered, those foolish mortals invoked the power of an Elder Scroll, to exile in the weave of time. Was he in the past? Or the distant future. He raised his great, black head to the sky and took a deep breath. His senses seemed unaffected by the Scroll’s power. He could only sense one other dragon; Paarthunax.
“Paarthunax, dreh hi hon zey?” Paarthunax, do you hear me?
A booming voice above him answered.
“Geh, Alduin. Zu’u vis hon hi. Vir dreh hi meyz wah kos ko daar staad?” Yes, Alduin. I can hear you. How do you come to be in this place? Paarthunax landed on the wall, depicting the language of the dragons. Alduin turned to look at his compatriot. Malice filled his gaze as he remembered what had happened.
 “Joor fusk zey zeim tiid voth Zuwuth Deykel.” The mortals cast me through time using an Elder Scroll. “Hi los nalkun ahmiin do daar?”  You are already aware of this? Paarthunax grinned a toothy smile.
“Do rahlo. Zu’u los gein wo fun joor kolos wah siiv faal Zuwuth Deykel. Hi lost wah kos viik.” Of course. I am the one who told the mortals where to find the Elder Scroll. You had to be defeated. Paarthunax stretched out his wings. Alduin took to the air. Flapping his great shadowy wings, he shouted at Paarthunax.
“Vax! Hin pentaar fent kos qobo! Zu’u fent drun pahvoth vorey dovah ahrk drun do hin oblaan, Paarthunax.” Traitor! Your punishment shall be swift! I shall bring together the other dragons and bring about your end, Paarthunax. 
Paarthunax cocked his head to one side, before replying with;
“Hi fen siiv tol peh buruk. Mu los nunon dovah vahlt ko Keizaal.” You will find that quite difficult.We are the last dragons alive in Skyrim.
Alduin was visibly shocked, but that quickly disappeared, as he remembered his father.
“Nid trun. Bormah gave zey zuk fein tet do World-Eater. Zu’u fent wahl vok dii zeyliik, ahrk ont zuk, kron lein do joor.” No matter. Father gave me more than the title of World-Eater. I shall raise up my brethren, and once more, conquer the world of the mortals.
Alduin made a graceful circle around the peak of the Throat of the World. He then flew off to the Southwest.
As he glided on the currents of air, Alduin found himself lost in the joys of flight. The wind caressed his face, lifted his wings effortlessly.
But his joy was interrupted when he spied a town. It was the town of Helgen. It was bustling with people, as a caravan entered the city. Alduin recognized Nords, Altmer, and Imperials at the town. One of the mortals was completely obscured to him. It wasn’t of any concern to the great dragon. Right now, the only thing on his mind was revenge. And these mortals would do nicely.
**** To be continued ****



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