What the Hell

The most destructive response can also be the most relevant. In this instance, pain coincides with progress. Mistakes made, however unintentional, are still mistakes. In the broader picture, they are tiny droplets, in a much larger pool of error and reflections.
Unintentional. That’s the key to one door. Unfortunately, that door is ignored. Passed by because it’s easier to not see other possibilities. The pain caused is so minute when compared to the agony within the ignored soul. Can’t escape the feeling of worthlessness. The practicality isn’t even there. Never was. Never helping ever hurting.
Stupidity. The one constant that holds true, apparently. Rending the fabric of peace, with Agony and Malice, tearing away at Love. Tears stream from the faces of the afflicted, as if to brand those who are imprisoned within their own minds. Chaotic madness enraptures the soul, as Despair grips the hearts. Trapped in the open, as if enveloped in a thick fog. The answers to all the issues, lie within reach, but are totally obscured.
Trying beyond all measure to succeed, but failure is more certain.
My torch has gone out.


Whaddya think?

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