A Friend

I think that I am alone now
Sitting inside my head
But then a bird slammed into me
I hope that it’s not dead

Then all the forest erupted
Animals came for me
“I didn’t kill it! That I swear!”
If I could make them see

I ran from my spot, from the crowd
As something shook the ground
I heard a thunderous roar too
Cacophony of sound

I turned to look, what made the cry
To see a flaming bear
Its eyes alight with pure malice
Smoke sifting through its hair

I picked up my pace; ran so hard
My legs felt oh so weak
Something hard smacked me in the head
It felt like a sharp beak

The bird that I had thought was dead
Now flew above my dome
“Grab my feet, we are leaving now”
“Unless you’d rather roam”

I didn’t stop to wonder though
How could he carry me?
I grabbed his feet and we took off
The bear became fury

Left behind, the bear roared with rage
But I was in the sky
The tiny bird had brought me home
He then began to cry

“I leave you now, I cannot stay”
The bird had simply said
I told him to stay here, with me
Smiling, he climbed my head

So now the pair of us are friends
Alone, we’ll never be
A bird and his boy forever
Who knew we’d be happy?

Whaddya think?

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