Mad Lib (Modeled after a post I had already posted. Nightmare)

I have never ran so hard or so fast in my life. You kept eating my Scotch Tape. “I am licking! Hold on!” I spit, pushing myself to moon even faster. The muscles mowed my slippers, but I kept stealing, knowing that you print me. Suddenly, a creepy apple and a taste of politics and clouds in my tampons. I was on my toe, slipping. You announced again. I bang out to you, as a fork in the keyboard smashed my frog with a smelly lip. There was no dust. I climbed to get close to you, as this art kissed off my footprint. As I was just a button, crawling and cooking in mold, the caffeine crapped you up and frisked on my gefilte fish. “You laughed again.” Truly, this is bow tie.

Whaddya think?

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