A Warning

You don’t know who I am. You have never met me. You have never looked upon my face, or heard my voice. You have never stood in my shadow or bumped into me by accident. But I know who you are.
I know that you are a festering ball of anger and rage. I know that you think you are above everyone, because you and those like you were chosen from On High. You had better hope that He has your back.
You cause pain and sorrow wherever you go. You spread fear and dread, instead of love and safety. You are evil. You are enraged. Most of all, you are WEAK.
You don’t know what rage is. You treat others like filth. Like garbage or slime.
No more.
If you lay a hand on them in anger
I will break something of yours.
If you shriek and bellow at someone in irrational tones
I will break something of yours.
If you hurt any of them
I will end you.
This is your only warning. Do not tempt me. Do not seek my forgiveness. Seek theirs.
There is only one way to stop me from coming.
Step up and be a man for once in your pathetic life.

Whaddya think?

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