The Meeting (TWW)

He stood above the city, high above, on the edge of a desolate cliff. He gazed at the small twinkling lights, of this evening’s routines.  The clouds above him shifted, revealing the full moon. It bathed everything in a cool glow. In the moonlight, one could see that the man was wearing a wide-brimmed hat with a monochromatic uniform, indicative of the city guard. He had a katana strapped to his belt, which was a very vibrant red. A slight breeze ruffled his clothes. Without so much as a hint of anything, he spoke.
“I don’t suppose you’ve come to admire the same view I enjoy, have you?”
Somewhere, behind the guard, a deep answer seemed to shake the very cliff.
The guard, still as the mountain on which he stood, replied with a chuckle.
“Do you know how often my life is threatened? I am the guard-captain of Harmony. Once, this city was the pinnacle of tranquility. Now, our Mage-King is imprisoned by the dark lord Paen and his cohorts. Only chaos reigns. Children and women are slaughtered. Men broken and battered beneath our Overlord’s flails. I have openly stood against this evil. And rather than face me himself, Paen sends you to finish me.” the guard-captain turned around, his blade in his hand. “Come then. Finish the job!”
“You’re very wrong, guard-captain. I’ve not been sent by the Usurper.” the ground quaked at this deep voice’s whim. “I am not the claw upon your throat, nor the arrow in your heart or the maul upon your brow. Instead, I am the pint of ale in your hand. I am the bountiful tree on a hot afternoon. I am fire in the darkness.” The tone was deadly serious. The guard-captain took a step forward, blade still in hand.
“If you are a friend as you claim, however cryptic, why do you still not reveal yourself? I may be Captain of the Guard, but do not take me for a fool.” A booming laughter accompanied the response.
“I do not show myself, guard-captain, because you are standing on a cliff. I am no man, and my visage is… Unfamiliar.” The guard-captain thought this over. With a nod, he queried.
“What would you suggest? If you are worried that you shall scare me to an early grave, surely the city is no place to speak face to face. Especially if you are, as you say, no enemy of mine.” The mysterious figure seemed to expect this question.
“I have a solution to this, but I must ask you for a great leap of trust, guard-captain. I know you long for a Harmony that once was. I know in your heart that you long for the destruction of the Usurper. You are not alone in this.” The thunderous voice paused. “I will be honored, if you would accompany me to a safe place to speak. You only need to trust me, as no harm shall befall you on this journey.”
The guard-captain thought, then spoke.
“I will make this trek with you, on one condition. You will tell me your name. I will not follow blindly, only to not know who I am with. If you should break your word, my spirit shall know who was at fault.” The guard-captain twisted his wrist, allowing the moonlight to flash off his sword. “If not, then begone with you.”
“My name is Gorus. I am not of this world, but I have a lot invested in the removal of the Usurper. Will that satisfy you and your spirit, Guard-Captain?” Gorus thundered.
“It will. If I like what I see and hear, I will give you my name as well, Gorus.” The guard-captain said with another nod. “Shall we begin this journey?”
Gorus boomed with an unseen smile.
“It will not take long, Guard-Captain.” As Gorus said in his bassy voice, a portal of a vibrant orange appeared. A doorway of fire, standing before the guard-captain. As he peered inside this portal, he could see a magnificent hall of white marble and sheer decadence. His wonder was jarred by Gorus once more.
“Guard-Captain! We must hurry! Magic of this kind is not of this world. We may be discovered by the Usurper or his cadre! Hurry, walk through the rift!” As the guard captain stepped through, Gorus also followed.
As Gorus began closing the portal from the other side, a man appeared where they were just standing. His eyes were emerald fires.  The guard-captain recognized him.
“Gorus! That’s Kyrax! One of Paen’s men!” The guard-Captain shouted. Kyrax strode towards the portal. Gorus removed his spell of invisibility, revealing a giant, muscular figure.
Kyrax attempted to step through the portal, a mask of rage on his face. Gorus bellowed a mighty shout, with a mighty punch, Gorus repelled Kyrax back through the now-closing rift. Kyrax shrieked with rage, as the rift closed, and then there was silence.
“What… What are you?” the guard-captain asked of Gorus. Gorus bent low, to meet the guard-captain’s gaze.
“I am one of the Sephoran Titans. There are many of us, each with our own talents and skills. Now you see why I did not reveal myself on Olyndia.” Gorus boomed. The guard-captain’s eyes widened.
“We… we’re on Sephora? I’d never even imagined… I, I can’t…” The guard-captain collapsed into a chair. Gorus walked to his side.
“There there, guard-captain. Rest. We can speak later. We are safe here.”
On Olyndia, in the city of Harmony, Kyrax was just finishing relaying his account to the dark lord.
“A Sephoran Titan attacked you? The Sephorans know of our escape then. You say the guard-captain went with this giant?” Paen asked, hiding his anger.
Kyrax nodded.
“My sister is already trying to trace the magic. We will find them and we will destroy them, my lord Paen.” Kyrax bowed so low, his emerald eyes lit up the floor. Paen motioned for Kyrax to stand up.
“Excellent, Kyrax. You and Kyran will let me know as soon as you’ve found them. Be weary. We now know they’re aware of us, and we are of them. We must ensure our foothold in this wretched world. Go, and do not fail!” Paen instructed.
“This will need my attention before long.”

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