“You’re worthless! You’ll never amount to anything!” She hissed at me. I shied away from her blows, but they still made contact. A flurry of punches, to my face and chest. Still, I did nothing.
“You are forever a failure. I don’t know why I even try.” He shouted at me. I cowered behind his disappointment.
All the while tying knots.
“What the fuck?! Why would you think that’s okay? Am I not allowed to be bothered by this? You must be stupid!” She snapped. I became angry, but that too was futile.
They’re all right. Worthless, ever-failing, not worth anyone’s time or energy. I should just go.
The slipknot made its way over the beam.
A single tear rolled down my cheek, as it was all taken away.
Bound to destiny.


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