A Letter to Young Mr. Eichenauer

Hey Ryan,
I’m sure you got thousands of these after your death threat malarky came out. I wanted to wait until the fervor died down a bit before sending you this.
I am a heterosexual male living in Minnesota. When I heard about you receiving death threats about you coming into your own (I don’t like the term coming out either) I was furious. I did research into where your school is relative to my area. I wanted to put forth some vigilante justice and stop the coward for you. Then I realized that he was just that:
A coward.
No real person, man or woman, who is a good person, says things about who a person is. I was raised a Catholic, under the doctrine that homosexuality is a sin. I left the church when I turned 18. If God made everyone, why would he make loving, kind individuals “the enemy”?
I never believed, because I never had to deal with such threats, that someone could stoop so low as to wish death on a high school student.
I am tremendously sorry that there are people in this world, who hide behind letters and ancient books to cause you and others like you pain.
We’re not all like that, as I’m sure you are fully aware. I just wanted to let you know. Even though we never met personally, I stand by you.
You’re a good person. You are undeserving of such irrational hatred and bigotry.
I also hope you see this letter, a good one, in my humble opinion. Good luck in your future endeavors! I’m sure you’ll make the most of them.
-Mad Monty MN-


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