If I Was a Member of The Elite Four

I have wanted to make this list for a couple of days, now. I couldn’t do it earlier, as my computer suffered a massive hard drive failure. I lost everything. So now I can update this sucker with something more interesting than depressing poetry. Yay!

So, what I wanted to do was make a list of the teams, in Pokemon, I’d use if I was an Elite Four member. I will be making lists of every type, their typing, and I won’t be using duplicates. The latter means I won’t use multiple same Pokemon in a single list or duplicates in other lists, IE, Charizard in both Fire and a Charizard in Flying.  I shall make this true, by having half types where the first type is where they’ll be. So Scizor will be a Bug type, not a Steel type. The only exception to this rule is Flying type.
I should also mention, that I would be more vicious as an Elite Four. None of these level 50 with no real attacks. I would go all out. I will pull my teams from all current generations and make sure that I could handle a wide variety of types. This also means there will be legendary types in my teams. So, Dragon and Psychic will be especially stacked. Deal with it, it’s my list.


  1. Scizor: Bug/Steel
  2. Ariados: Bug/Poison
  3. Crustle: Bug/Rock
  4. Galvantula: Bug/Electric
  5. Volcarona: Bug/Fire
  6. Heracross: Bug/Fighting


  1. Hydreigon: Dark/Dragon
  2. Absol: Dark
  3. Yveltal: Dark/Flying
  4. Sableye: Dark/Ghost
  5. Houndoom: Dark/Fire
  6. Weavile: Dark/Ice

Dragon (My favorite type)

  1. Latios: Dragon/Psychic
  2. Garchomp: Dragon/Ground
  3. Zekrom: Dragon/Electric
  4. Reshiram: Dragon/Fire
  5. Kyurem: Dragon/Ice
  6. Rayquaza: Dragon/Flying


  1. Eelektross: Electric
  2. Dedenne: Electric/Fairy
  3. Magnezone: Electric/Steel
  4. Ampharos: Electric
  5. Zapdos: Electric/Flying
  6. Raikou: Electric


  1. Togekiss: Fairy/Flying
  2. Clefable: Fairy
  3. Xerneas: Fairy
  4. Sylveon: Fairy
  5. Florges: Fairy
  6. Granbull: Fairy


  1. Medicham: Fighting/Psychic
  2. Lucario: Fighting/Steel
  3. Hitmonchan: Fighting
  4. Pangoro: Fighting/Dark
  5. Primeape: Fighting
  6. Hawlucha: Fighting/Flying


  1. Infernape: Fire/Fighting
  2. Delphox: Fire/Psychic
  3. Charizard: Fire/Flying
  4. Heatran: Fire/Steel
  5. Camerupt: Fire/Ground
  6. Entei: Fire


  1. Tornadus: Flying
  2. Noivern: Flying/Dragon
  3. Pidgeot: Normal/Flying
  4. Tropius: Grass/Flying
  5. Moltres: Fire/Flying
  6. Ho-oh: Fire/Flying


  1. Banette: Ghost
  2. Gengar: Ghost/Poison
  3. Giratina: Ghost/Dragon
  4. Spiritomb: Ghost/Dark
  5. Drifblim: Ghost/Flying
  6. Chandelure: Ghost/Fire


  1. Venusaur: Grass/Poison
  2. Abomasnow: Grass/Ice
  3. Chesnaught: Grass/Fighting
  4. Cacturne: Grass/Dark
  5. Torterra: Grass/Ground
  6. Exeggutor: Grass/Psychic


  1. Flygon: Ground/Dragon
  2. Groudon: Ground
  3. Krookodile: Ground/Dark
  4. Claydol: Ground/Psychic
  5. Gliscor: Ground/Flying
  6. Golurk: Ground/Ghost


  1. Regice: Ice
  2. Frosslass: Ice/Ghost
  3. Walrein: Ice/Water
  4. Mamoswine: Ice/Ground
  5. Articuno: Ice/Flying
  6. Beartic: Ice


  1. Braviary: Normal/Flying
  2. Girafarig: Normal/Psychic
  3. Wigglytuff: Normal/Fairy
  4. Regigas: Normal
  5. Arceus: Normal
  6. Ditto: Normal


  1. Arbok: Poison
  2. Crobat: Poison/Flying
  3. Toxicroak: Poison/Fighting
  4. Drapion: Poison/Dark
  5. Dragalge: Poison/Dragon
  6. Nidoking: Poison/Ground


  1. Gothitelle: Psychic
  2. Mewtwo: Psychic
  3. Deoxys: Psychic
  4. Mr. Mime: Psychic/Fairy
  5. Victini: Psychic/Fire
  6. Lugia: Psychic/Flying


  1. Regirock: Rock
  2. Aerodactyl: Rock/Flying
  3. Golem: Rock/Ground
  4. Bastiodon: Rock/Steel
  5. Cradily: Rock/Grass
  6. Tyrantrum: Rock/Dragon


  1. Registeel: Steel
  2. Aggron: Steel/Rock
  3. Steelix: Steel/Ground
  4. Dialga: Steel/Dragon
  5. Metagross: Steel/Psychic
  6. Cobalion: Steel/Fighting


  1. Blastoise: Water
  2. Greninja: Water/Dark
  3. Lapras: Water/Ice
  4. Palkia: Water/Dragon
  5. Kyogre: Water
  6. Carracosta: Water/Rock

So there you have it. I actually came up with one more list. If I was the Champion. After you beat the Elite Four, there’s a Champion you must beat. They don’t conform to a type. So here’s my list.


  1. Kyogre: Water
  2. Kyurem: Dragon/Ice
  3. Groudon: Ground
  4. Clefable: Fairy
  5. Malamar: Dark/Psychic
  6. Zekrom: Dragon/Electric

Whaddya think?

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