Out of my mind. Under appreciated, underestimated, misunderstood, underwhelming.
Failure after failure
Shortcoming after shortcoming
More and more anger
All of the anger
I am a catalyst for anger
It radiates outwards from me, corroding all else
No happiness exists while I am angry
No reason or rational thoughts permeate my brain
All I know is fury
The rage
I am enraged. I am livid
I am furious
Never smart enough
Never loving enough
Never thoughtful enough
Never good enough
Hatred of myself, who I am creeps up
Envelops me in its dark embrace
Sadness seeps in, chilling my bones
Never good enough
You’re never good enough. You never will be.
Failure. You’re a failure. She’ll leave you. Who wants to be with a failure?
A spark
She doesn’t love you. You failed her again. She doesn’t want you, Failure.
Embers alight within my soul
Another failure, loser? Why don’t you end it all? It would be better for everyone
My rage, my hatred, my sadness
Nobody can understand. Nobody will even try.
Maybe I should go.
Maybe I can end this pain.
This turmoil
This agonizing pain, that nobody can cure
My rage never subsides
Worthless to the world
Maybe I should leave it


Whaddya think?

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