Last night, 8/3/2013, I went to babysit my little cousins for 5 hours. Now, these two rapscallions are cute and fun, but the big thing is that they wear me out. When I got home, at about 11:00PM, I was wiped. I sat down on my bed, and fell asleep.
But I was not able to stay asleep.
My neighbors are moving, this is good, because all night, their freaking Coon Hound, Buddy, has been howling. ALL. GOD. DAMNED. NIGHT!
No end with this dog. It’s howling as I type this.
I’m going to call the police. This is maddening. I shut my windows. I put my headset on and pillows on top of it.
Great, I can still hear it.
Hurry up and move out, so I don’t have to hear your undisciplined hound anymore.
Now, when the police arrive, the dog is silent. 4:13am and it’s finally quiet. But the neighbors further down came out and asked,
“Are you here about the dog? Finally!”
So now the cop is writing a ticket for a noise complaint. Good. Maybe you’ll train your dogs, instead of letting them bark on and on and on!
Now the dog has started howling again, while the cop is standing here. I am pleased with this.
“Jesus, are the walls made of paper?” The cop asks.
The other neighbor nodded.
“It’s been going on for about four hours. Nobody seems to care in there.”
Nobody ever cares inside that house. That dog keeps howling. And this isn’t the first time, on this site, that I’ve complained about that dog. Hopefully it will be the last.


Whaddya think?

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