TWW: Experimental Characters

Deep in the caverns, of a long forgotten, long dormant volcano, smoke and fire lick at the walls. Huddled in the darkest recess, of the lowest cave, sat a horned man on a black crystal throne. He sat staring at a pool of liquid. It was constantly shifting in its bowl. With a wave of his clawed hand, the liquid ceased. He peered into the bowl and an image appeared. It was of the city-state of Harmony, particularly of its new ruler; Paen.
Paen sat on his throne, sending soldiers out to spread his influence and to bring back information. His jet-black eyes focused on his soldiers, when suddenly he looked straight at the horned man. Paen stared into the eyes of this horned man.
The horned man didn’t even blink. Not a flinch. Not a hint of a whisper of fear in the horned man’s eyes, as he stared back at the dark king. He smiled at the dark lord, revealing many sharp, pointy teeth.
“You don’t frighten me. I know what you are, Paen, Traitor-King!” The horned man said into the bowl. As the horned man leaned back, a voice entered his mind.
“I know what you are, Chaokyn, believe me. I’m not afraid of you either. But you will fear me. You will, as all of Olyndia will, fear me.” With a mental chuckle, Paen left the chaokyn’s mind.
The chaokyn, the horned man, sat back in his black crystal throne. Shaking his head, he muttered to himself.
“You know what I appear to be, Drakokyn, but you have no idea who I am. You seem quite sure of yourself. I fear no one and nothing. I am fear incarnate. You will come to see me as a great threat. Mark my words.”
He laughed a most evil laugh. The liquid went back to its chaotic state.
Paen sat back in his throne. chuckling. The dark lord thought on this new annoyance, to try to find out where it resided, to destroy it. As he sat in his throne, soldiers came back with reports, prisoners and other duties to attend to. His focus shifted back to his rule.

(I’ll fix the ending to this. I had a dream about this character, this morning. I needed to flesh out a basic bit to him, so I can add more later.)

Whaddya think?

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