Incarnations, Emotions, Illusions

In the interest of time, we speed things up. Yet all in my mind, time is chaotic. In your mind as well. The weekend flies by but the weekday is a crawl. Waiting for the good to brush by my face like a breeze while enduring an eternity of pain. This isn’t just time. It’s all emotions and feelings.
Happiness is amazing. You feel good. Nice lush forests. That is until, a storm of Depression brews. Rains of Sadness drench your Happiness in Despair. While you struggle to keep your head above the Sad sea, that’s when the Angry lightning strikes. Now you’re furious. The storm of Anguish hides your view of the Cheery sun. And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, being trapped in a tempest of Anger and Sadness, the violent vortex of Mania picks you up and rips at your soul. Your ears are  assailed by a cacophony of voices only you hear.
“She hates you!”
“Nobody thinks you’re good enough!”
“You only fail!”
“You will always fail!”
You struggle to shut out the voices. Angry lighting erupts from your fingers, face sopping wet with Despair.
“Nobody cares about you! You are nothing!”
“They don’t care! This is how you always are!”
I want the sun to return

(Listen to this while reading: )


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