You’re a Loser

“Oh God, there’s my ex. What a loser.” She said, as I rode my bike closer. I saw her out of the corner of my eye. I was just going to ride past her, and pay her no attention.
“He’s such a loser.” Yeah. I’m the loser. She’s the one who cheated on me with my best friend. Hacked my email after we broke up to spy on me, to see if I was miserable. I’m the loser.
As I rode by, the pedals stopped working. Failure imminent. I fell off the bike in front of her and her friends. They all started to laugh at me.
“What a joke!”
“Is he good at anything?”
Furious, I picked up my bike and walked off with it.
“Is he going to talk to me? Ew.” She asked scathingly. I finally paid her the attention she deserved.
“Kill yourself, you freak.” I said to her. The other two girls looked back. It was another ex and my current girlfriend. I was shocked.
“Nice one, loser.” My girlfriend said, as she turned to laugh with my exes. Heartbroken, I walked off.
“Loser! He still doesn’t have a car or a job!”
“Dumbass Hillbilly! What a loser!”
I try to escape their jeers, but all that escapes is my happiness.
What a loser…


Whaddya think?

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