Night Terror (6/9/2013)

I have never ran so hard or so fast in my life. You kept screaming my name.
“I am coming! Hold on!” I shouted, pushing myself to run even faster.
The darkness clouded my vision, but I kept going, knowing that you needed me.
Suddenly, a flash of light and a taste of iron and copper in my mouth. I was on my back, bleeding.
You screamed again.
I reached out to you, as a figure in the shadows cut off my arm with a long blade. There was no pain.
I struggled to get close to you, as this figure lopped off my limbs.
As I was just a stump, bleeding and writhing in agony, the figure scooped you up and stepped on my throat.
“You failed again.”
Truly, this is Hell.


Whaddya think?

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