The Worlds of The World Within

In the great expanse of space, a binary star system is home to a several planets. From the untrained eye, it was a solar system like so many others. Large and small planets. Some with and without life. But one of these planets was particularly special. It was a large planet. Enormous, by our standards. Great ranges of mountains, deep oceans, vast deserts, and lush rain forests covered the surface of this planet. All walks of life lived here, both familiar and alien. Truly this world was magical. To the untrained eye, this realm, the planet of Olyndia, was paradise.
But this Olyndia harbored a secret. The world within the world. At the core of this massive world, was a smaller, but large, world of magic, Sephora. There was so much magicka emanating from this core world, that the larger surface planet couldn’t help to have knowledge of arcane.
Sephorans have the greatest mastery of the arcane. The power of a Sephoran child can very well exceed a sorcerer on Olyndia. Olyndians that make it to Sephora find their powers increased greatly. The difference is the Sephorans have inherent magical prowess. Olyndians don’t.
To the untrained eye, this shared space of magicka and life seems to be a peaceful place of coexistence. Wrong. There was power, wealth, and status to be had. Warring factions, from lowly thieves, rogues, and thugs, to the higher kings, emperors and viscounts vied for perspective power. Both realms had their champions, however. Their champions and forces of the just. Men, women, young and old. The righteous had all forms, but at the same time, so did the darker champions. Cold-hearted malicious, downright evil folks lived on both worlds.
Champions of the righteous and champions of the sinister clashed all the time. The rise and fall of the tumbling suns. Every single day, wars and peace endured. Such is the way of the world and the world within.


Whaddya think?

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