TWW: Experimental Character

The tavern was bustling this evening. Roaring laughter and shouts of triumph, mixed with the cacophony of clinking mugs of ale and stout, made up the sounds of the tavern. It was perfect for Yewyn to make a little coin.
She was shorter than most folks, but that never bothered her. Her long, dark hair was tied back. Her dark chocolate eyes scanned the room for a target. When she spied her mark, she walked up to him and stumbled into him.
“My apologies, sir!” Yewyn exclaimed in a strong, yet soft, voice. The man smiled down at her.
“No apologies necessary, young lass! One should be so blessed, to even share the same space as one so fair!” The man said, as his friend shoved him.
“I saw her first, you lout!” He exclaimed to the first. The first shoved back.
“You wouldn’t know a woman if she offered you another ale! Don’t make me laugh! Ha ha ha—” as a hairy fist slammed the man in the mouth, Yewyn, had already slipped through the crowd, a large wallet of gold in her hand. She left the tavern and walked down the road. She thought she’d been home free, when a man stepped from the shadows in front of her.
“What have we here? A lost little girl?” The man said, in a high cackle. Yewyn turned to walk the other way, to find that her path was blocked by three other shady figures, each laughing quietly. She tried to walk away, but her arm was grabbed by the first guy.
“Where are you going, my sweet? Is that any way to greet your hosts?” He pulled her close, her back to his chest. “We would like the pleasure of your company.” He said with a hiss.
“Let me go, you pigs!” Yewyn spat, struggling to break free. The group laughed.
“Pigs, are we?! Ha! You won’t be going anywhere, my sweet!”
Yewyn had had enough. With a shout, she elbowed the man holding her in the ribs, hard. She stomped on his left foot with hers, and crouched, flipping him over her. He landed on his back hard. The three others stepped back, their laughter ceased. She crouched low, her face towards the dirt road.
“You will not touch me again!” Yewyn exclaimed. Her voice had changed, as though someone else said it at the same time. “You will not touch anyone EVER again!”
Yewyn looked up, her face twisted by anger. Her brown eyes, now amber, glowing orange. She stood up, but she did so seemingly twice. She seemed to flicker.
The three rogues helped their leader to his feet. He shoved them off with a scowl.
“My sweet, you have no idea who you’re messing with. I will teach you some manners, to respect your superiors!” He walked forward reaching his hand towards her.
Yewyn smiled.
“That’s mine now.” She calmly said, the ethereal voice matched with a slight delay. With a flash of light, the rogue stood in pain, draining blood from the stump where his arm used to be. He screamed in pain and crumpled to the ground. Yewyn stood in the same spot she had been, still flickering, but she had an ethereal blade of fire, dripping with blood.
“Never again shall you harm another innocent person. Unless you apologize, plead for forgiveness, you will be effigies to those whom you’ve harmed.” Yewyn said to the group of rogues.
Writhing in pain, the leader shouted,
“You whore!”
Yewyn walked up to the huddled lump of former rogue and placed a boot on his throat. The three others stepped back in fear.
“Wrong answer.” With another flash of light, the rogue burst into flames. Yewyn turned to walk away, but suddenly stopped and looked back.
“Why would you do this to someone?” She asked, tears streaming down her face. “Look at what you’ve made me do!” She shouted. With another flash of light, the group of rogues were annihilated by white hot flames. She shut her eyes hard, tears struggling free. The ethereal voice whispered,
“We both know the answer to that, my dear.” and it was gone.
Yewyn opened her eyes to the pile of bones and ash. Her dark brown eyes gleamed. She sniffed as she turned and ran home.


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