Don’t Stop Believin’ Parody

Don’t Stop Believin’

Just a big old dog
Gnawing on a big old log
He doesn’t hurt his teeth because he’s a dog

Just a mean old cat
Toying with a stupid rat
He doesn’t care that much because he’s a cat

A parrot in a quiet room
A bored feline that spells its doom
With a leap the cage crashes down
And it eats and eats and eats and *Belch*

Nature’s crazy
Weirdness is around the corner
No one stops it cuz it’s greeeeaaaaat

Nature’s waiting
Animals are friggin’ insane
Hiding, in the laundry-y-y-y-y

Wolves chase deer, for their own thrills
Eagles want and steal their kills
Humans watch as they eat pork and rice
Because we’re not nice

Turtles hatch, to the sea
All the birds now eat for free
While the cameraman looks still
They get eaten more and more and more!

Nature’s crazy
Everybody tries to eat you
That’s why I outrun my friends

Nature’s scary
Blood and gore with fangs and claws
Just waiting to rip you in half

Just run from that bear
Leave the camera I don’t much care!
He’s going to kill uuuuuuuuuuuussssss

It’s coming faster
Get away you hairy bastard!
I don’t want to die as bear dung

Enjoy the madness
So much for the sadness
That hurts, you dumb bear ow ow OWWWWW!

Whaddya think?

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