Dead Island: Riptide Game Review

Wading in the crystal clear water on a South Pacific island. I nudge my buddy to point out the view. He’s turned into a zombie. My vacation is over, as I crush his skull with an oar.
This is Dead Island: Riptide. This sequel is very much like the first one. You, one of the survivors of the first game, are on a ship that slams into a similar zombie infested oasis. You are told to find a way off the island, before the military wipes you, your friends, the remaining survivors, and all the infected zombies off of the Earth. Very dire, wouldn’t you say?
No rush, because this game is an open world RPG with gobs and gobs of things you can use to end zombies with. From oars, to knives, to the large sledgehammers and sheleleighs. There are weapon mods hidden throughout the island to enhance your weapons with. Sure, the Shock Mod and Nail’d Mod make a return, but I have a BBQ mod that turns machetes into white-hot blades and a Liquid Fire Mod that has an Area of Effect on it and a Bodily Harm mod. I haven’t used it yet. Sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see what else is new.
I picked a new character, instead of importing my character from the first game. He is a melee specialist and it shows. I was literally rending my foes’ limbs with my fists. Very satisfying. I managed to get a Qatar that makes my punches especially Wolverine-like. I then wrapped them in barbed wire, because I could.
Every character gets a Fury power. Like the Borderlands Action Skill, every character gets some vicious attack to be used when their rage meter is filled. New, to the game, is the Group Fury activation. I can opt to give everyone a bonus, rather than me get one alone. So, my melee combatant would use his Solo Fury, in which he would pulverize an enemy or group in a few short seconds, doing 4x damage with every strike. The Group Fury I could do activates movement and attack speed bonuses. I can’t choose both, so you have to think what would be most beneficial.
As much as I enjoy this game, I can’t help but address some basic flaws.

1) Collision Detection. You need to be in the right spot to do anything. From reviving, to going through doors. It feels clunky trying to go through a door. More like the door is two inches thinner than you are.

2) Places everywhere to get stuck. Pretty early on, there are spots where if you fall down off a pier, you can’t get back up. You can’t crawl underneath or jump up. If this happens, you either have to kill yourself or reload a save. That’s annoying! I really hope this gets fixed.

3) Disappearing items. Dropping a weapon to pick up a better one. Seems simple. Except that the weapon you drop never hits static ground, but instead sails to the core of the Earth. Yeah, I’ll chock that up as Lost Forever. Thanks, guys.

All and all, I like the game. Drop in and drop out multiplayer, plenty of characters to play as, and reasonable difficulty. I’d say 4/5 stars.


Whaddya think?

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