The Beauty of Life

Swords rip through flesh
Bullets tear through bone
Soldiers kill each other
The only skill they hone

A man stands up
A stick in hand
A warrior in his own head
The greatest in the land

On another piece of wood
He tightens up the strings
The knowledge that man covets
Is used in many things.

The first stick on the second
The strings are then pulled taught
He draws the stick across them
This skill for which he fought

A note escapes from the strings
The soldiers stop their war
For man’s music calms the beasts
They can’t fight much more

A melody of sound stretches forth
And touches all their hearts
The minstrel ensnares everyone
Before more fighting starts

The sound of music fills their minds
Peace among them, falls
For they can’t hide from music
It pierces through the walls

The music quells their hatred
It satiates bloodlust
Happy but defeated
Peace is now a must

And now his song has ended
He has ended this long strife
Until one day he’s needed
Ah, the beauty of life


Whaddya think?

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