CoD Story: Germany

So, here I am, messing up my new alarm clock, that woke me up sooner than expected. I went to play some CoD Blops 2. I ran into a lobby with a German guy. He was fighting with another American guy about why us Americans need guns. American guy said to protect my family from intruders, rapists and murderers. German guy, in a thick, Bond-Villainesque accent says:
“You must be sarcastic, yah?”
I laughed. Anyway, the American guy said not at all. Happens all the time.
The German guy was astounded. 
“You Americans are so violent! We never have anysing like sat in Germany.”
This is where I stepped in.
“Really?” I started. “Germany has never had an instance, no, millions of instances where unwanted guests would break into the homes of their fellow man to inflict harm? You can’t think of one example?” The German coughed. The Americans started to laugh. I laughed at his ignorance. 
“Sat does not count.” He said. 
I replied with “Tell that to Poland.”
He then left the lobby. I win.

Whaddya think?

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