Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Review

Sneaking through the brush, I control my breathing. My heart rate slows and I hold my breath. With a squeeze of my trigger, My target’s skull explodes. Two more targets show themselves. I shoot the radio to distract them, silently disrupting their day. One goes to investigate as the other slides to the floor, dead. The wanna-be mechanic can’t hear the problem, since the .308 I fired entered his skull. My spotter alerts me to a pair of sentries heading our way.
“I’ll take the left one, you get the right.” He says. I line up my shot and fire. Both bodies drop before anyone’s the wiser. Our mission can proceed.
As we walk up the path, an armored division rolls up.
“Into the brush, MOVE!” My spotter shouts. I dive into the ferns and lie still. When the coast is clear, I find that I am unable to move. I picked the spot that had invisible walls everywhere. I literally had to restart the whole level to clear up this issue.
Thinking it was a one time glitch. I line up my original target. The impact dot says I’ll hit him in the head. I squeeze the trigger and send a round into his brain. At this point, I turn towards my next two targets, when the first one starts to shoot at me. What? I put a half inch of steel through his brain. Why is he up and shooting at me?
I checked the manual and found nothing about militant zombies. I put another round into the upstart’s chest. He shrugs it off and keeps shooting. I put two more down range, hitting this man in the chest, but apparently, my sniper rifle is shooting corn flakes at the guy, instead of bullets. That’s two glitches I found within ten minutes of starting this game.
1) Invisible walls
2) Invincible Foes
After another restart, I make it through without incident. Until, I am told to follow my spotter. I take a position behind my spotter, who just sits there. Forever. Glitch number 3
3) Scripted Events fail to trigger
Three game breaking glitches and I’m on the first 25 minutes of game-play.
Other cons include: 2 Multiplayer maps, geared towards camping and head-glitching. Only 2, with really bad servers. Cinematic sequences every 5 minutes. Useless controls, IE, Use X to climb up here, but you can also just jump up it too. And little editing errors. Spelling mistakes in the subtitles. My favorite is your callsign. The Manual and Achievements say your callsign is Sandman. Everyone calls you Razor. Good job, guys. Also, the death animations are limited. There’s three different animations for downed targets and the “Game enhancing bullet cam” wants to be the VAT System from Fallout, but falls short.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is a sniper simulator that has more cons than pros. I’ve mentioned three game breaking glitches but none of the pros.
1. It’s very pretty. The game uses the CryEngine 3. Like the Crysis series. Very pretty.
2. When the bullets DO kill, it’s one shot. No hit markers, no lag. Instant death

I beat the 4 hour campaign. That’s right. I said 4 hours. Yet another strike against this game. They’re not the only ones. I got two codes for DLC in my game. Neither. Code. Works. The tech support line goes to Poland. I’ve got this guy babbling at me in German or Swahili or Urkan, I don’t know. The guy told me that there’s nothing they can do. So I have two codes, from a brand new game, that will never work.

I could go on, but I have shit to do. I’d give this game 2/5. Fail!



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