Standing outside
My gun in my hand
I place a mask on my face
I’ll soon own this land

Kick open the doors
Shoot three rounds at the ceiling
Knock guards on the ground
Send another one reeling

Tell one I’m here for the vault
Put the gun in his ribs
He leads me to the cash
Good thing I called dibs

I pack away my prize
Into large bags
I am beyond happy
My proverbial tail wags

I walk into the hall
Police amass outside
I burst from the bank
Scream “Thanks for the ride!”

I hop into a squad car
I turn the key
With a shriek of the tires
I take off with glee

The cops behind me angered
A smile across my face
I crank up my music
And play it during the chase

I take a shortcut from the street
The cops are left in dust
I jump the car across the gap
And smashed it as I must

I open the door
My partner’s there
He smiles as he tells me
“You sure do not play fair.”

I toss my mask to him
He puts it on with a laugh
“My suit’s more scary”
“Go ask the staff!”

I chuckle at him
No need to be coy
My famous partner’s right
That wealthy playboy

I show him the cash and say
“My heart won’t stop throbbin'”
He smiles as he replies
“Of course not, dear Robin!”

Whaddya think?

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