TWW Character Reference

  • Paen: Paen is the dark lord of the realm of Sephora. He believes that he and his three compatriots, Felyim, Kyran, and Kyrax are the last of his kind. A race of very powerful beings. Paen stands at about six and a half feet tall. Jet black hair, handsome yet menacing features. His eyes are jet black. No irises or pupil. Just black. Paen is extremely intelligent and rules through fear.
  • Felyim: Felyim is Paen’s Mistress. She is as cruel and violent as Paen. She wears robes of kelly green. She is one of the Sephoran Lords. She has shoulder length black hair, and orbs of green fire where her eyes should be. She is attractive, but she is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Kyran: Kyran is the blood-red twin sister of Kyrax. The twins are the ilk of Paen, believed to be the last of their kind. Kyran has long red hair, matched in brilliance only by her fiery red eyes. She and her brother are fiercely loyal and competitive. They are also very jealous of Felyim’s position in the council.
  • Kyrax: Kyrax is the azure knight of Paen. His twin sister, Kyran and he are very competitive and are very intelligent. They are the ones charged with conscripting and dealing with the so-called “lesser” races. Kyrax is slightly taller than his sister and is ridiculously handsome. He has dark brown hair and the deepest blue eyes of fire. Kyrax tries as hard as he can, to sit as Paen’s right hand.
  • The Mage King: The Mage King’s name is known only to the djinn himself.  A being of great magical power. His skin was gray and his eyes were pure white. He had a jet black ponytail and a long thin beard. He ruled over Harmony, until Paen’s coup de etat. The Mage King is said to be housed in a secret prison , somewhere on Olyndia, while Paen and his Sephoran lords hold power.
  • Rowin: Rowin is a young man of about 17. He is about 5’11”, thin, with chocolate hair and bright blue eyes.  He was told that his parents lost their lives when he was younger. His keeper, Tytan, watches over him and teaches him everything from combat to home making. Rowin is confident in his spellwork. He is destined for greatness, but this destiny may come a bit too quickly for his liking.
  • Tytan: Tytan is a goren. Gorens are massive creatures with enormous strength. They stand about eight feet tall. Despite their size, they are not considered brutish creatures. On the contrary, the gorens are very intelligent creatures. Their pale blue skin and sculpted, muscular frame are their more distinguished features. A goren is just as much at home playing bodyguard as they are in an academy teaching. They’re very gifted spellcasters and are extremely loyal friends. Gorens live an exceptionally long time, for most humanoids. A goren that is 800 years old is not rare. However, Tytan is young by goren standards. He is only 181 years old.
  • Spheros: Spheros is a Sentinel of the Sephorum, a group of races who protect and care for the Sephorum of the realm of Sephora. The Sephorum are orbs of great mystic power. They are the embodiments of magic, once used by Skyfire, master wizard. Six of them in total, Spheros is charged with the care of only one. Madness. Spheros is about 5’10” with short blonde hair and green eyes. He is an accomplished archer and is very gifted in magic, as all Sephorans are. He is to bring the Orb of Madness to Olyndia to help those who are to cast Paen from their world.
  • Skyfire: Skyfire is a master wizard that defeated Paen more than two hundred years ago. He was considered the most powerful wizard on Sephora. When he defeated Paen, he split his magicks into six orbs, and created the Sentinels of the Sephorum. It is not known if Skyfire is still alive.
  • Ysuran: Ysuran is a demi-god who stands watch on Sephora’s moon. He is the living barrier between the demonic realm and the realms of Olyndia and Sephora. Milleniums past, Ysuran’s race was wiped out by a dark army. Being a demi-god, he managed to survive. He taught himself to read, how to speak, and most importantly, how to fight. Ysuran stood at eight feet tall. He is muscularly built, but that frame was hidden by his long black robes.  His skin is dark grey, like raw iron. His eyes are of the purest black. Though, if one was to look deep into the dark pools, that were his eyes, one would swear that there were small red coals inside. He is the champion of the meek, an elite justicar. He is without fear. But, he is alone in the world. The last of his kind.
  • Paen’s Fear: A nameless warlock, a man of pure white hair, muscular, with violet flames where his eyes are. He tells Paen that he will be the dark lord’s downfall. He is one of the Sephorans, that Paen thought were gone. And because of the immense power, Paen fears this being. He fears for the first time since his time against Skyfire.

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