TWW: Sephorum Introduction

The six of them gathered together. Nobody spoke, as they circled the ivory pedestal. Atop the pedestal sat six orbs. Each sphere seemed to hum with power, casting both light and shadow. As each figure stood in front of one of the orbs, a seventh man, clad in shining white robes, descended a dark staircase.
“Sentinels of the Sephorum,” the man in white boomed. “I am glad that you’ve come.” The six figures bowed graciously, in answer.
“The time for the Sephorum to be spread out, is now. A great evil sweeps the land of Olyndia. Harmony has fallen to Paen and his ilk.”
A collective gasp from the sentinels emerged.
“Master? I thought… I thought Paen was dead!” One of the sentinels blurted.
“Yes, I too, thought that the demon was destroyed.” Another said, in a worried tone.
“No. Paen was not destroyed. He is very much alive. His strength has returned and he has amassed many followers.” The master sentinel bellowed. “This is why the Sephorum must go out into the world. There will be those who will rise up. To defy Paen. They need the help.”
One of the sentinels looked to his master.
“Master? Why do we need to spread the Sephorum? Why risk Paen finding them?”
The Master smiled as he answered.
“Spheros, you are the youngest of our order. You may not remember this tale.”
“Over three centuries ago, when Paen first rose to power, he was cast down by the first of our order, Skyfire. Skyfire was one of the most powerful wizards ever. His victory was assured. Once he won, he split his magicka between the Sephorum. All six of these orbs before you contain an essence of Skyfire’s magicka. Skyfire enacted a spell to hide these spheres from those of evil, so only the just may find them.” The Master explained.
“Now, the six spheres, represent each type of magicka that Skyfire valued. What are they, Sentinels?” Master inquired. The sentinels answered in sequence.
“Fire.” The sphere glowed bright red and orange, before dying out .
“Earth.” The pedestal seemed to quake and move, at the beckoning of the Sephorum’s will.
“Water.” The sphere melted into a pool of shimmering silver liquid before reforming.
“Air.” It got cold and windy as the orb seemed to change into a spinning vortex, before resting back on the ivory pedestal.
“Time.” Stop. All of the world seemed to cease, and in the blink of an eye, start once more.
Spheros looked at his sphere. It twisted into the shape of a spiral, and shifted into a cube, before bulging out into a perfect sphere again. He couldn’t be sure why, but the Sephorum seemed to be smiling wickedly at him.
“Madness.” Spheros gulped.
The Master smiled.
“Very good. We are protected from absorbing Lord Skyfire’s essence from the Sephorum through the order. These orbs are meant to help those in Olyndia overcome the evils that plague its lands. Someone will find them. But first you must bring them to the six pedestals. You know where to go.”
Spheros placed his hands on the ever shifting Madness Sephorum, he half expected to go insane, but he still had his own thoughts. He breathed a sigh of relief.
“Now go, Sentinels! We need to make haste. Every moment we tarry, Paen grows stronger.” The master commanded. The sentinels opened portals to Olyndia. Spheros placed the orb into a pouch made to carry it. He opened the portal and stepped through, instantly transported to the realm of Olyndia. The portal shut behind him.
That wasn’t so bad, was it, Spheros? A voice in inquired inside Spheros’ head.
Spheros quickly looked to the pouch, and he could swear he heard laughter.


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