The End of an Age

As the year 2012 draws to a close, I take the time to look back on all that has occurred. There was fun and laughter coupled with sorrow and tears. I met my beloved girlfriend, Abbydillo, this year. But, I also lost my grandfather, Phillip D. Tiedman this year (11-13-12).
I’ve enjoyed overwhelming ecstasy and debilitating despair. My depression came up with fancy new ways to torment my psyche, whereas my friend and family conjured new forms of delight.
My XBL Clan has almost doubled in members, still under 30, but still.
I’m the star of Lex Coupe 82’s Fun with Elmo series On YouTube.
I’ve created this page, where I’ve written over 130 items.
I met friends from out of state and showed them around my own state.
I’ve grown closer to my friends, through good times and bad.
I’m glad the slate shall be wiped clean, so that I might do this again
2013. Where has the time gone?
It seems like just yesterday, that there was 4 feet of snow in one storm, on Halloween (1991)
The time the town was flattened by a tremendous supercell, packing winds of 100+ mph (1996)
My parents splitting, causing the fault-line in my psyche (1998)
Switching schools, only to meet two of my best friends (2001)
Going back to my original school, to learn what friends were actually poor (2003-5)
Dating, engaged, rejection (2006-8)
Start abusive Hell-ship (2008-2009)
Start clan, switch majors (2010)
Meet GF, make site, hilarity ensued, especially with apocalypse… (2012)

Happy New Year, all of you. Regardless of creed, sexual preference, religion, race… Happy New Year, and may your dreams find their way to reality.
-Tom “Monty” Burns-

PS this is neat.


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