TWW (Experimental Character)

Standing in the darkness, a silent vigil. Ysuran, the last of the sentinels, a guardian in the night. His order had died out. His people, gone. He was but a child, when the darkness fell on his lands. With the grace of some higher power, he was allowed to survive. Eons later, he stands watch. Savior to the fallen. Hero to the meek. Guardian of the just. Slayer of evil.
Ysuran stands his ground, on a plateau of the tallest mountain, in a range known as the Crown of the World. He lives out his days, in constant vigilance to those that would threaten his world.
“I swear, on the souls of my brethren, I shall do all in my power to stop the darkness from spreading once more.” Ysuran swore, as a young man. Blood dripping from his hand, cementing the oath.
Ysuran learned from his people’s great library. He learned diplomacy and warfare. Well versed in the arts of melee combat as well as the art of magicka. He lost many a battle when he was younger, but his experience grew. Ysuran was now a force to be reckoned with. The last of his kind. A demi-god. Alone.
Ysuran stood at eight feet tall. He was muscularly built, but that frame was hidden by his long black robes.  His skin was dark grey, like raw iron. His eyes were of the purest black. Though, if one was to look deep into the dark pools, that were his eyes, one would swear that there were small red coals inside.
As the demi-god continued his vigil, a star seemed to lose its balance in the sky, and fall. The ball of flames slammed into the plateau that Ysuran himself stood. The smoldering rock gave way, as a winged demon stood from the crater. Fire licked the demon’s flesh, as it walked towards Ysuran. To an onlooker, it would appear as though this demon had caught the guardian unaware.
That assumption would be incorrect.
Ysuran turned to face this trespasser to his world in an instant.
“You think that a lone guard will stop me?” The demon said, in a low voice. “What hope could this enchanted statue have in facing me?”
The demon conjured a ball of red flame and sent it flying at Ysuran. It exploded, with such intensity, that the very mountain shook in answer. When the smoke and dust settled, the guardian was gone. The demon laughed a great booming laugh.
“What hope does this world have against the likes of me? I stand triumphant, for the first of many times.” The demon’s laugh was cut short with a great crack. The demon’s large frame was sent reeling. When the demon looked up, a large hammer, made of a gleaming black stone, was in the spot he was standing. Holding the hammer, was Ysuran.
“You would do well, demon, to know a few things about the world you seek dominion over.” Ysuran said calmly. The demon stood up, blood rushing from the gash in his skull.
“First,” Ysuran started, wiping the foul ichor from his hammer, “you should know that this world is not for your taking. The lives of the people below are not to be taken by you or anyone else.” With blinding speed, Ysuran rushed the demon, hammer in hand, and came crashing down on his foe, driving the demon into the stone.
“Secondly, you shall take note that this world is free from bondage to any entity. They live their lives, free of tyranny and corruption.” Ysuran swung his mighty warhammer at his demonic opponent, once again sending him twirling away. The demon’s body was broken and bloodied. He turned to face the sentinel.
“Yeah? And what is the third thing I should know?” The demon asked, spitting his blood in defiance. Ysuran flashed a grin.
“The third thing you should know is that I am no statue.” Ysuran set the hammer down, and watched the defeated demon. “You should leave this world. You lie defeated. The field of victory is mine. Leave and never return.” Ysuran stood perfectly still. The demon, not willing to accept defeat, scrambled to his feet. Fists clenched with rage, the demon’s skin seemed to ignite.
“I have never been beaten by man before. Now is no different! You will fall to your knees and proclaim fealty to me!” The demon shouted. In the blink of an eye, Ysuran crossed the distance and flattened the demon. The grin was gone. Ysuran looked stern, as a father reprimanding his child.
“Your arrogance will be your undoing, demon.” Ysuran said firmly, placing a large boot on the demon’s throat. “Your threats hold as much weight as the air in your lungs.”
The demon gasped, fear filled his eyes and his voice.
“What are you?” the demon managed. Ysuran looked into the eyes of the demon and said;
“The last thing you’ll ever see.” With a closing of his fist, a tremendous bolt of lightning cleaved the demon’s skull in two. The body of the winged beast withered into ash. Ysuran looked to the sky and walked back to his post. A lone tear rolled down his pewter cheek.
“What am I, indeed.”


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