More and more, I wake up in my own tears. The Emperor says we must do our sworn duty. We must uphold the family, no, the country’s honor. Fear grips my soul. There is nothing I love more than my family. I don’t want to disappoint them. I will do what I must. For my family.
The call goes out. I leave a note in the kitchen, telling my family that I love them, then head out for the door. I’m halfway down the road, when I hear the cries of my mother.
“Be safe, son! Come back to me!” Tears fill my eyes once more.
Morning arrives. Hundreds of my peers assemble next to their planes. I’ve taken care of mine. She is a beauty.
Our leaders tell us that the Emperor has decreed that we fly across the ocean and deal a lethal blow to our enemies.
Why are they our enemies? They’ve not done anything to us.
We show respect to our leaders and to our Emperor, then climb into our planes.
I took off and turned east. It would be many hours until we reached our target.
I felt at home in the sky. Nothing could bother me. Only the sight of the clouds and sky. The feel of the throttle in my hands.
After a few hours, we were told we were coming up on our target. I could see it.
Flames rose out of the ocean, it seemed. Explosions of hellfire rocked the ground. Is this our enemy?
We attack them unaware? I see my countrymen attacking the poor people with unmatched zeal. How could this be honorable?
Suddenly, I saw my mother and her words rang out inside my own head.
“Be safe, son! Come back to me!”
Tears filled my eyes. I angrily wiped them away.
“Yes, mum.” I replied, as I turned back to the West.

<<In memory of those who lost their lives, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December seventh, nineteen-forty one. May they find everlasting peace.>>


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