Chapter 1, Part 1

The sounds of laughter woke Rowin up. He blinked his eyes open, but turned sharply. The harsh light from the mid morning sun, both blinded the boy and washed all memories of his dreams away. Rowin turned to his side, hoping to get some sleep, but the world was unforgiving. The sounds of laughter grew louder, as if knowing that he was awake and they no longer needed to keep it down.
“Alright, alright. I’ll get up.” Rowin said to himself. He rose from his bed and walked over to the basin by the window. He splashed his face with the warm water. He looked out his window to see the children playing and laughing.
Rowin was an only child, born to a pair of magi. His parents died when he was very young. He never knew them. He lived in the house they had built. His caretaker was not family by blood.
He was a Goren, named Tytan. Gorens are a massive creatures with enormous strength. They stand about eight feet tall. Despite their size, they are not considered brutish creatures. On the contrary, the gorens are very intelligent creatures. Their pale blue skin and sculpted, muscular frame are their more distinguished features. A goren is just as much at home playing bodyguard as they are in an academy teaching. They’re very gifted spellcasters and are extremely loyal friends. Gorens live an exceptionally long time, for most humanoids. A goren that is 800 years old is not rare. However, Tytan is young by goren standards. He is only 181 years old.
Rowin had just finished getting dressed when he could hear the telltale sounds of Tytan climbing the stairs. A heavy footfall, measured in rhythm. The goren was on his way to rouse the young man from his slumber.
“Master Rowin?” A booming voice called from the hall. “It is time to awaken.” Rowin, playfully tucked his pillows under his blanket, to make it appear that he was still in bed. He then crept onto his balcony. Tytan entered the room slowly. He moved to the foot of Rowin’s bed and looked to the lumpy heap in the covers.
“Hmm. Is that the way you want it? Okay, have it your way, young master.” Tytan boomed. He snapped his giant fingers. The lumpy mess lifted off the bed about three feet.
“Comfortable, Master Rowin?” Tytan asked. Rowin stepped out from the balcony.
“Yes, in fact, I am. Thank you for asking, Tytan.” Rowin replied, with a smile. If Tytan was startled, he didn’t show it. Instead, Tytan turned his head towards Rowin. In an instant, the pillows and blankets that were suspended in the air slammed into Rowin, knocking him down.
“Breakfast is in five minutes. Make your bed, in the meantime.” Tytan said, walking from the room.

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