Hell Yes

Snow and bitter wind chills the very hearts of men. Winter in Minnesota. A great time. So, someone should tell me why, in November, it’s 50ºF outside. Granted, I got a thunderstorm this morning. Most of you should know by now how I feel about thunderstorms. *Looks at his webpage closer.*It was a pretty good storm too. Lots of lightning and rain, which we needed… 4 months ago.

I haven’t written lately. I apologize. The last couple weeks were one train wreck after another. First, I got that nasty upper chest flu that was going around. That was pretty miserable. Coughing and sneezing. Ugh. Then, after reducing the earth’s supply of orange juice, I felt better. Until a molar in my mouth got so excruciatingly painful that I needed to get it surgically removed. Couldn’t pull it, because the roots looked like someone with laced fingers.
Plus side to that was broad spectrum antibiotics and Vicodin. No more getting sick. Swelling made me look like I was smuggling apples in my cheeks. But now it’s scarring over and there is no pain. Smooth sailing, right?
Last Sunday, I was bitten by some flavor of spider, causing my entire body to break out in rashy hives. I told my girlfriend that there were alligators with smoother skin than I have now. It’s itchy and uncomfortable. But, the species of spidey is unknown, so antivenom couldn’t be given. Great. Benadryl and cortizone, coupled with old-fashioned waiting shall be that treatment. It’s been almost a week. It’s mostly on my fingers, elbows and my thighs. I’m just resting, lest I get hit by a truck or something. My luck, in the health department, has not been there lately. Safe than sorry and all that.
But, despite all the misfortune, I wake up this morning in a fantastic mood. Hence the title. I’m blasting Sail – AWOLNation as I type this sentence. Sounds amazing through my X-21 Turtles. Anyone who hasn’t heard this song, with sufficient bass, is missing out. One of my best friends, and co-leader of Armadillos Anonymous, MJ, sampled the song in his hit single Self. It is phenomenal! I have links to it all over my webpage. Authentick is MJ. Go listen to it.
Shameless plugs notwithstanding, I am in a terrific mood.
Oh! That reminds me. I had an incredibly terrifying nightmare this morning. Here goes;
I was in the city with my girlfriend. We got to a crosswalk, and I had to tie my shoes. So my darling beloved crosses the street as I tie my shoes. When I look up, there’s a guy with a gun in her face. I stand up and he fires. I screamed and ran to her. I caught her before she fell, and I shouted for help. The guy was gone. Everyone in the city, in fact, the entire city disappeared. I was alone, with my soul mate bleeding in my arms. She looked up at me, with those big beautiful eyes and said, “Why didn’t you save me?”.

That’s when I woke up. I was literally drenched in sweat. And if in Divine answer, I hear the start of rain, with distant thunder. He’s got my back. Chilling, horrific nightmare, to be sure. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Oh well. A dream’s a dream. And now, esteemed readers, I’m going to find myself some tender victuals. Yes, I can spell that word correctly. Yay for me 😛


Whaddya think?

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